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-Audio Post Production
-Sound Design

Audiovisual Consulting
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-Podcast Management

Recording Engineering
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-Voiceover & Narration

Podcast Production

Creating content can take a lot of work, our services help by letting you focus on creating what your fans love and expanding your audience. Whether you’re looking to start your own podcast or bring it to the next level, Sound Service can bring the expertise necessary to professionally enhance your content. No matter your topic, high production values raise the bar and we can make your content indistinguishable from the pros.

Editing & Production

We will take your story and make it professional.

Because every need is different, we have several different rates for different services. These numbers are a ballpark, hourly rate may be necessary for complex/long projects.

By taking a careful ear to your content, we can professionally and seamlessly remove filler words, “ums”, mouth noises, dead space, stutters, and interruptions to take your raw material and shape it into the story you have in your mind.

Additionally, Sound Service would be more than happy to produce your podcast by inserting music and sound effects and any branded or sponsored material you may want to include. This is always done in concert with our clients to ensure that the final product holds true to their creative vision.

Our engineering process treats each voice uniquely and makes sure that there is consistent and even loudness throughout each episode. Nothing is more distracting than wild jumps in volume from episode to episode or from person to person. Our process will make sure that your podcast is broadcast quality, has no unwanted background sounds, and everyone sounds natural and consistent.

Nondestructive editing is performed, all files and stems will be delivered as unique and independent files. Voiceover & Narration is available from Sound Service as well.

We can work on different levels of service depending on your needs.

*Full-Service podcast editing & production includes but is not limited to:
  • Episode Editing & Production
  • Episode Scoring
  • Leveling & Noise Reduction
  • ID3 Tags 
  • Narrative & Writing Support

Podcast Management

Let us take care of the administration and you can focus on the content

  • $20/hr for all services
There’s a lot more that goes into making great content than just having an idea, Sound Service can help take some of the load off of your shoulders. 

Using our industry expertise we can help you along the process of getting your podcast hosted on the service of your choice, having your episodes published through all media platforms (iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, and everywhere else), and providing the additional materials your listeners love like timestamped transcripts and robust episode notes.

Everyone is different, and every podcast is different so let’s have a discussion about what Sound Service can take care of for you so you can engage with your fans, record some great content, and grow your audience.

We also provide recording consultation to make sure you don’t waste your time mistakenly recording bad, unusable audio and get off on the right foot by making sure that your recording environment is the best it can be.

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