-Noise Control
-Room Design
-System Calibration


-Audio Post Production
-Sound Design

Audiovisual Consulting
-Digital Signage
-System Design &


-Editing & Production
-Podcast Management

Recording Engineering
-Education & Training
-Field Recording
-Voiceover & Narration

Audio Engineering

Audio Post Production

Clean and polish your work
Seamless editing and careful mastering is essential for your production to shine. Sound Service will aid in taking your audio beyond your expectations, no matter the project.

Our services expand on our sound design to include:
  • Dialogue editing & multitrack Sync
  • Extraneous noise reduction
  • Multitrack mixing
  • Scoring & atmosphere
  • Loudness and leveling
  • Adding ID3 tags
  • Mastering and polish
  • Dialogue intelligibility enhancement
  • Transcription of vocal content (time-stamped)

Sound Design

Bring your show to life
Well-crafted sound design is essential to all auditory experiences and can lift your work to be memorable and transitory.

Our sound design process leverages custom sound creation, direct client feedback, extensive sound effect libraries, atmosphere crafting, and foley to bring natural sound to your show, ultimately blending into the background and bringing your show to life. This process underscores action, stimulates emotion, and conveys powerful narratives ultimately enabling you to accomplish your creative vision.

Whether you’re looking for sound effects for film, audio, or live performance our sound design services will enable your viewers and listeners to engage in willing suspension of disbelief and truly immerse themselves in your work.

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Acoustic Consulting
Noise Control
Room Design
System Calibration

Audio Engineering

Audio Post Production
Sound Design

Audiovisual Consulting

Digital Signage
System Design & Integration

Podcast Production
Editing & Production
Podcast Management
Verbally Described: Memes

Recording Engineering
Education & Training Voiceover & Narration
Field Recording