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Anti-racism & Justice Initiative

Anti-racism and striving for racial justice is important even when it isn’t trending.

Continual and substantive work needs to be pursued to right systematic disenfranchisement. These tenants are founding principles of this business.

Coming from a place of privilege, I have and continue to benefit from an inherently racist society. In an effort towards pursuing justice and economic equity:

  • All work done for BIPOC clients will either be free of charge, for cost of materials, or heavily discounted depending on the project and scope of work
  • Work for BIPOC clients will be prioritized when possible
  • I will continue to listen, learn, and seek new ways to fight against the systemic racism interwoven into our society

Please include “AJI” in the subject of your email or mention this initiative when reaching out to

Black Lives Matter

Black Trans Lives Matter

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Acoustic Consulting
Noise Control
Room Design
System Calibration

Audio Engineering

Audio Post Production
Sound Design

Audiovisual Consulting

Digital Signage
System Design & Integration

Podcast Production
Editing & Production
Podcast Management
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Recording Engineering
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Field Recording