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Acoustic Consulting

Noise Control

Quiet your environment and improve your recordings
With an increase in home recording, noise control issues have become even more prevalent. Beautiful content recorded with excellent equipment can be diminished by obnoxious and obtrusive background noise.

Increased noise pollution and apartment living can be triggering for those sensitive to auditory disturbances. 

Leveraging our experience in sound isolation and residential noise control, Sound Service can scientifically examine your specific case. Our process will result with recommendations for cost-effective, and realistic steps towards eliminating background noise. Good design utilizing insulation, absorption, isolation, and vibration control is essential for lowering the noise floor of your space and increasing your quality of life.

Room Design

Achieve transportational sound with scientific accuracy

Acoustic analysis of room geometry, loudspeaker placement, listening locations, noise control, and acoustic treatment can bring your room to life. Whether you want to improve your home theater, studio, or living space, scientifically-based,  conscientious,  and aesthetically pleasing design can elevate your room.

Our process involves precise measurement of the geometry of your room and the acoustic conditions utilizing laboratory grade testing methods. This data is then fed into a rigorous acoustical model which renders your space digitally in 3D, using physics simulations to determine the ideal environment for your media. We then take the resultant information and will work within your budget to craft a design individually tailored to your room and your aesthetics.

System Calibration

Fine tune your system with documented improvement
No matter the quality of the loudspeakers, the quality of your room, and the quality of the media you are consuming, if you don’t take the time to tune your system for your specific listening condition you’re missing out on how beautiful your system can truly sound.

Professional grade measurement microphones and calibration signals are used to design equalization filters that tweak and elevate your system to be the best possible reproduction system with your equipment and space. This is best done in conjunction with room design as a few square feet of acoustic treatment can take care of problems that will not be able to be taken care of in this final, polishing stage.

Sound Service will professionally calibrate, manage low frequency energy, and tactfully smooth high frequencies on all systems. From an audiophile two channel stereo system, all the way up to an immersive multi-channel dedicated theater, the benefit of a calibrated system is not an experience you’re soon to forget.

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Acoustic Consulting
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